Life goes on

If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve. -Lao Tzu

From Taipei, we travelled clockwise to Hualien-Cingjing-Taichung …

The mosquitoes season in Taiwan are causing me serious allergies. But the funniest thing is that moncochon has nothing, no bites, at all.

For the past two days, the red spots got itchy and my scratching has cause my legs to be swollen. They do look like fleas bite. I must say both of legs and arms are pretty scary looking.

I did manage to see my dermatologist and got prescribed with steroids. These medications are some harmful drugs but they can relieve my symptoms.

So much so for trying to get pregnant on the trip!

Mad Rush

Luckily I managed to wake up in the middle of the night. For the past few nights, I have been sleeping early and left my writing untouched. If I did not managed to wake up, I will be so screwed up. I had an early flight and my bags were unpacked.

In fact, it was left unpacked since Sydney but moncochon and I were heading to Taiwan. We incorporated a photoshoot session and planned to tour around Taiwan.

In any case, I brought my stuffs along to finish on our 20 days trip.

Then come next month, my whole family are going to Taiwan.

Hello Sydney

This morning I woke up to a calling, a calling from the koala bears.
I knew Australia is calling, how did i missed out on her?
The previous visit was more than 10 yrs and despite countless friends and families visited me from Aust, I never care about her.

In a month’s time, it is my birthday and last birthday, i climbed the great wall of china with my mom.
So mom, let’s celebrate your birth-day by climbing the sydney harbor bridge, ok?
The Bridge Climb v2[1]

Welcome Hongkong

Oh yes, I always enjoy Hongkong minus the cramp spaces, huge crowd, bad service and etc. I’m more than willing to accept everything.

I maybe easily get affected as my temper is pretty bad after coming back from Hongkong whereby self-interest is too priority. My Spanish boss also commented that I’m gettin cynical. I have also no qualms before when I talk about stuffs.

This is not the real me but I have been saying how much I like the straightforwardness I encountered in HK, in a bad way.

Well even my mother has warned me since i was young and luckily she is nothing like that (despite being born in HK).

Now imaging having a mother in law as a typically HK lady? I thank my lucky stars.

All the above comments belong to me and I’m not discriminating against HK, neither her people.

In any case, this blog most probably sums it all –