My take it to go with “Most Memorable Things I’ve encountered”

<Feb 12-15, 2009> I was away on Valentine day to Siem Reap, Cambodia because I want to see Angkor Wat once in my life. The hotel I’ve checked in was huge, high ceiling with fan and air-conditioned. I went out city exploring on the first day and when I came back, I did not checked for open windows because the fan was at top speed and curtains were flapping. I left the lights and TV on because I fell asleep with my laptop beside me. The early next morning I woke up, prepared to go Angkor Wat. I don’t really recall the sequence of events but I saw that my money in my wallet was gone, I quickly checked my hidden money whether still intact and thank god, the thief missed it. Amazingly, I still went on to take a shower and get dressed before I went down to the reception. It was 4.30am and everyone was sleeping. I knew it was an inside job because the windows in my room were wide open. So I made a din at the reception and raised my voice too! I lost xx USD and I want to report to the police. There were a lot of actions, however, the so-called boss returned my money and I was surprised. Knowing that I have to go for my Angkor Wat trip and the guide I’ve hired was waiting for me. I made sure my rest of luggage was taken care of and I brought my laptop along to Angkor Wat. When I came back in the evening, I still stayed at the same place because I have pre-paid my stay and there were another 2 more days before my flight home. My plan was to stay at the hotel and not leave until the next day. I demanded I be moved to a ground floor room and checked that the window were deadlocked. Then I ate in at their cafe, kept worrying whether they will drug me in my food. Then I just tried to stay awake until the next morning and checked-out. I went around looking for a new place to stay and enjoyed the rest of the day with food and massages. Funny thing was that at the massage parlour, when I requested for double hand massage (which I have experienced it at Chiang Mai and it was fabulous), I had a male masseur, not that I never had before but I prefer a woman. The massage was really bad; the male masseur was just caressing me, I was being molested until I told him to stop giggling. In any case, the stolen money incident was really scary. My laptop and hidden money were intact and I wasn’t being raped. The bizarre thing was the owner even returned me the amount which was stolen.


Hello World!

Recently I have been seeing and reading a lot of posts/blogs/articles on why we should travel when we are young. This triggers me off this morning when I was on my way to work, my 2nd full time job to be exact. Initially I really think that I will stick to my 1st job until I retire but the grass is always greener on the other side make me sway. I did have more than a quarter of pay increment, better working hours and nicer environment, not to mention more time at work to side-track my focus. Ok, I digressed. Back to why we should travel when we are young. I started travelling solo at 14 years old and at I just bought a coach ticket from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, went with an online friend whom I have no idea at all. The two of us hit it off and we shared a room together on our first night. I couldn’t stand this online friend’s nonsense which on the second day, while we were exploring the city, I ran off to the stairs and escaped, without prior discussion or warnings. Then I checked myself into a pretty nice hotel and enjoyed the rest of my afternoon all by myself. Subsequently that same night, I met new friends and we decided to go to Sunway Lagoon. I also recalled I made new friends while I shopped at KL’s Chinatown, in fact, made a lot of friends everywhere. It was really something new for me at that time. From then onwards, I began my travelling trails.
My memory must have been failing me because I don’t remember all the trips I have taken and some trips do not have photos to document it.