Fireworks! Hanabi!

<Dec 28, 2011 – Jan 3, 2012> I celebrated my mum’s birthday at Mauritius last December and also stayed for New Year’s Day. In Mauritius, you can just buy fireworks and shoot into the air. Previously, I was at Mauritius in Dec 2007 and I like Mauritius 🙂 My mum like her dodo bird Mauritius handbag too!

On New Year’s Day, we drove to tous aux chef (a volcano) and play with real fireworks! It was very smoky n loud!

I prefer professional fireworks display, today there was a display at Sumida River, my mum and I alighted at Asakusa Stn and it was very very crowded!

The fireworks was magnificent!!

we also dressed in yukata and joined in the crowd 🙂

you have to see it to believe it!


Summer time! what a pity 😦 Mt Fuji is hidden behind the thick fog.

I guess I will eat Mt Fuji as a consolation and my room is just next to the amazing is that!

I also went to the premium outlet to take a look and as far as I can remember, Buffalo new york and Vegas’s premium outlets are much better 🙂

Till tomorrow….to scale Mt Fuji!!