1st VS nth

Whenever I’m at a new place, I will get excited like the new girl in town. But when I’m at the place for the nth time, I feel like I’m back home more than being excited.



Nothing but a suitcase

I brought a suitcase; a rather empty one to Bangkok. I spent about 13 dollars for a date earlier on!

I have to say I’m pretty tired of shop till u drop! Also I spent about less than a dollar at Starbucks for my all time fav: green tea frap because I’ve got a reload car from the airport. There was this guy who came and wanted to sit with me when there was a cup of coffee at my empty seat! I told him I’m waiting for someone. Clearly enough, there were many other seats available. Sometime I wish I can put up a “do not disturb” sign.

~ viola ~

my sixth day at work and my spanish boss asked me to help him with his mthly report *what?

He was explaining and I said you must have formatting issues. ~Viola~ I was right.
word formatting with the auto-updated TOC and Figures captions are easy for me.

he really need to format smartly 🙂
whereas for me, from a previous job of using excel aggressively to now using word more often than excel. i wondered which is worse.


as long i don’t have to write paper for publication, i’m good.

And so I gave him for he needs and stated for his vetting and ensuring data integrity. He told me he would review deeply. Why do I feel weird after he said that. LOL