i’m so implusive

i grew up having what i always wanted.

however i hv managed to change my habits as i grow up. i don’t expect as much as before. My quick temper and taking everything for granted had changed as i’d open my eyes to this world.

Few mins or rather hours ago, i was drafting and planning a trip. I planned a spring/summer trip to Seoul and realizing that it clashes with my dad’s birthday, which i’ve agreed to pay for all expenses. I rather have more cash with me. Thus i brought forward the trip to head back japan. this time round to sapporo via tokyo to visit snow festival.

i would say this timing is pretty trying as popular hotels were sold out and air tix slightly exp. also, it clashes with the CNY. my plan was for 2 and it came up to be about 1000usd each. this includes the following.

round trip air tix to tokyo.

round trip airport limosine from tokyo to haneda airport.

round trip airport limosuine from tokyo to narita airport to fly to sapporo.

round trip air tix to sapporo.

round trip airport limosuine from sappora to chitose airport.

4 nights stay in tokyo and 2 nights stay in sapporo.

well, it kinda a good deal and by going ahead with this decision, i’ll be back to my oldself.

before graduating, once i have accumulated enough cash from my moonlighting, i will fly off to see part of this world.

i shall save my money.

besides, i owe myself money,


I’d expected it to be tough!

As my heart palpitated on the way to TCM exam, I was cool while waited to get started and over it. I didn’t expected my prof’s assistant was there and she did boosted my morale.

However the exam was easy, in fact too easy and some of the MCQ options were straightforward, nothing like the GRE exam. I am so devastated because this would mean I cannot afford any MCQ mistakes. In a class of approx. 50 and with an easy exam, I foresee that I will be out of the first 10%. I reckon I’d 2 MCQ error and now it will be dependent on my essay.

Why would the exam be so easy? I would think that the failure rate were very high or the passing range for this course is rather low.

Sigh…..some smart ass even finish in an hour’s time. I took my time and checked my answers and I was wrong. I second-guessed myself and they might had caused me my 2 MCQ error.

I left the exam hall 30 mins earlier and headed off for “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”. What a pity that the movie was pretty much censored, i would appreciate some gore actions!

On the other hand, I’ve managed to see $ growing very slowly which took me some effort to save. I wish I can save more which I didn’t really appreciate it when I was younger.

Being Chinese-y

Both TCM and calligraphy r some of the things I wanted to do when I was younger. However as I’m growing up, I have develop new interests and forget about my old wanna-to-do.

In any case, tmr morning is my final exam for TCM and honestly, I haven’t started revising much. I guess I have to stick with philosophy essay qns rather than technical qns. What I’m afraid of is to identify the acupuncture points.


I guess I will catch up on revision after my macdonald dinner. Can u believe my body aches after my calligraphy lesson? My prof says is common on first lesson and warn me not to use my brush holder as sushi maki roller. He’s humorous. He is also very kind with his words, saying my virgin attempt on calligraphy is not bad for a beginner.

I was practicing horizontal strokes and it wasn’t easy. But I believe with practice, I can master the eight basic strokes.

…and so I develop a style of remembering the many different herbs by imagining them as my friends’ names and their functions as their occupations. Some of my friends sux LOL


Micro Manage at work! Not that I’ve been MM but I’ve to MM others n this frustrates me.

Of late, I feel that I’m playing with fire. Things that I’ve decided to start 3 wks ago hv been delayed n the deadline is getting shorter.

Also, when u r nice to others, they treat u like crap. Once I’ve shaken off the new girl on the block. I’m gonna be nasty.

Until today, I realize that not all email users know how to use bcc. I don’t know how long can I last here.

Taken at Bangkok’s Terminal 21, a intriguing shopping concept here. When I was here last yr, they were still preparing for opening. Now that it is open, I have only been here once.

I also went out for dinner with an old bf who is shorter than me and I joked with him on what happens if we gotten married! His reply were that I only hv to worry how much he brings home every week. I’ve nothing to say because whatever I say r pointless.

In one way or another, we had a 3hr dinner and it was fabulous Taiwanese food!!!


I couldn’t help but to say, Singapore is a great place to start traveling Asia!

Recently I received an email saying that no action will be taken against me for suspected collusion. I couldn’t help but to click reply asking to escalate the issue. However I wouldn’t want to spend time n effort in following up. I replied thank you for believing in me.

In 2 wks time, I’m gonna take my TCM machine and learning the acupoints are not easy.

I have also signed up for calligraphy lessons. I wanted Chinese ink painting but they are on Saturdays afternoon. I prefer to sleep in on Saturdays.

I also have see some exciting travel plans coming up in 2013!!