O really?

Happy 2013 if u r reading.
Stay health xoxoxoxo

I gave my Spanish boss a huge magnifying glass for the new year. He came over to me when nobody is around and thanked me. It was very tactful and I appreciated his gestures.

I can foresee how “busy” 2013 is gonna to be, so come what may!

I’ve been out shopping n bought quite a number of dresses. I know the weight gain is an issue and even when I stand, my tummy is bulging n arms r flabby. I no longer fit into a size 8. I need to double it.

I’m also feeling tired easily when I wear heels. I’m gonna to blame it on the weight gain. I will head out tonight and probably spend my new year at the casino 🙂 Also, I like my new heels.



Prepare for the unexpected

As yrs goes by, I begin to understand that some things just cannot b prevented. Thus I have to be prepared for the unexpected. Instead of being caught off guard or feeling upset, as long I’m prepared, I can be less surprised.

On the day the world supposed to end, I woke up and still have to go to work. Did I get reborn, I wondered. I had some time to visit the nail salon today and I had some pretty things on my nails.

Things happen for a reason and it was so unexpected that I ran into my Spanish boss on a night out. Where I look totally different when I’m at work. He could recognize me and I was surprise! I did received compliments from him at that instant and as it was a salsa club where we ran into each other. We had a salsa dance together. He also offered to buy me a drink after. Out of courtesy, I accepted. To me, it just felt weird.

Thinking back, I started this blog to talk about my living room. And I haven’t got a chance to do it. Except these few days, after getting off work, I keep falling asleep on the sofa.

My work make my days, months go faster and it is already nearing 2013. Is it good or bad?

Hv u experience the emotion of peacefulness?

U know? Finally I’ve watched Life of Pi and I never have thought that Pi actually refers to swimming pool in french. Without any understanding of this movie or the existence of the book, I went into the theatre to watch a movie.

I must say the opening scenes of life of Pi brought me peace. I’ve enjoyed the numerous animals and with the background music, it reminded me of how much I love silence and mediation.

The tiger aka Richard Parker entered and he reminded me how much I love tigers especially after I had came up close with them in yr 2007.

These are baby tigers at the temple.

As much as I love my literature teacher. I like to turn back the clock and review Life of Pi with him. It is a great story, a bit far-fetched but still a great story. Not only I have understand the meaning of life in another way, it reiterates the fact that this world is vast n we are merely tiny creatures.

Also the movie landscaping n marine life brought me to those days when I was vividly scuba diving and how I also wonder why is the Sun always look different in different places. And how it disappear under the horizon and reappears in another time one.

Our Mother Nature is mysterious and from TCM’s perspective 养身 is to follow what the nature tell u. We cannot force nature as she will empower us. To me, the fine line between what’s right and what’s wrong is also very subjective. What is right and wrong is determined or rather embedded into us by our culture, upbringing and understanding. So as the same ideas in Pi’s life. The various religions and how the same God evolves into various forms. Similarly to the same Sun taking on different forms in different places at different timelines.

I do not subscribe to any particular religion but I respect them. I’m fact religion is so sacred that I’m afraid to talk about it. It is a very sensitive n taboo subject. I recalled my first Muslim boyfriend and he’s black. It didn’t dwelled on me that he is a Muslim.he didn’t really show me his religion and he did prayed to God only during my absence. I discovered it when I forget my purse and went back to get it. That was when I saw him praying to his God.

I was being told that I need a religion so that after I’m dead, I will have someplace to go to. I cannot vouch for this but I know that only you can help yourself. Faith only can keep your last hopes alive.

Anyway I’m gonna sidetrack a little. The other day I was saying with a tv controller, I get to travel and teleport to different place without leaving my couch!!

EOY closing

as much as i enjoy and love traveling, i’m staying put for the rest of 2012 and stopping myself making any plans for 2013. As my current book of flying is going to expires soon, i’m heading tomorrow to exchange for a new one. I can foresee that I might not be able to travel extensively on my new book of flying. If only i can justify at least a trip for the next 5 years, i want it to be as follows.

2013 – France (I haven’t travel to France with my french husband)

2014 – Japan (Sapporo to be part of their snow festival)

2015 – China (I want to walk for most part of Great Wall)

2016 – Ecuador where both hemisphere meets (I have an Ecuador friend who is Chinese by blood)

2017 – By then, i’m way over 30s.

What nots

At an early conference and my Spanish boss chose to sit next to me. After lunch, we went back to office and he drove us. We talked a little and I ended the ride with a what happens in the car stays in the car.

Knowing that he comes from a different culture, I wasn’t worried about being myself but of course not in the presence of others. I told him as much as I enjoy the coldness of winter, I hated the ice shoveling.

I’m glad we had a chance to talk on the long ride back. He even asked to look at my pretty leopard nails.