yes omfg…there is this guy at my workplace with magna cum laude is soooo unbelievable. he makes me (us) wonders how did he get graduated.

for sure, i will not go on a date with him.

can a person with such intellectual in studies be (that) naive?

anw, life still goes on……


Ma Cherie

Bonne année!
Today is just another day. After work I headed over to law class and we didn’t make plans for today. We got married exactly over 3 yrs ago at Vegas.

I must be crazy to study law academically. But with sth to do after work is much better than heading home to sleep. Now I need to allocate time for my fitness regime.

My Spanish boss is really funny. He trust me so much that he gave me his Iphone to do his configuration. I told him to get the experts, he claimed loudly that I don’t trust so and so.

In any ways, I’m still not overwhelm by my maternal instincts (if u know what I mean).

Tear drop

I cried over Japanese and Korean dramas. 南極大陸〜神の領域に挑んだ男と犬の物語〜 aka Antarctica is a Japanese drama starring the suave Takuya. I shall not bore u with what I think. Even if u r not an animal lover, u will definitely shed tears for the lovely dogs in this show. Especially for Taro aka 太郎and his twin brother Jiro aka 次郎. Both of them are huskies. There are many other touching scenes for the other dogs too.

I started watching Japanese drama when I was 14 going on 15. That was also the time when I was preparing for my jap language exams. After which, I lost my ability of jap language until recently I went to Japan last July. I had only one jap bf but I didn’t learned much jap from him. There is also a song on memorizing hiragana and days of the week too!

Subsequently after the jap phase, I picked up Thai when I was (and still am) traveling to Thailand frequently. So I went on and took Thai lang exams during college. Now I can only communicate in spoken Thai. I have lost the ability to write n read Thai.

Yup, u guessed it. I went on further to get credited for french. But I didn’t really pursue far enough to get a degree in french lang. I have to say french is really complicated. I feel my written french is much better than spoken. I mean if u want to say eighty, just say eighty. Why must you say 4 x 20? Or when u want to say quarter to 9, just say 8.45 or quarter to 9. Why must u say 9 minus 15? And why “genderlize” everything? Fortunately my parents-in-law speak English. Also J is not helping, I always suspect french ppl r snobs 🙂 j say my spoken french sounds bad 😦 but I think I’m pretty great, well not that great but fairly good.

No, this time u guessed it wrong. I didn’t went on to study Korean. But this is a great show! TMETS aka 擁抱太陽的月亮. The story progress very slowly but the emotions does stirs u up. The child actors are very professional and they do resemble the adults actors well. It is a very sad story but quite comical too. I wished TMETS had developed their story further but guessed not. The king’s eunuch was pretty comical and I feels he is the only one who provided the laugh.

If u allow me, I want to re watch the final of TMETS.

In fact no one can stop anyone from doing what they want. No doubt my work is really busy. When I get home during work week, I wouldn’t want to do anything else beside dinner and sleep. I have a few papers to write n stuffs to research on but I just want to watch my dramas!
Oh my! Since when tv watching rekindle with me………

Dreams r wonderful

Dreams… I shall keep this post and update at a later time.

Dreams r really awesome…they can transport/teleport you to places when ur mind is still working despite you are unconscious. Well, provided you recalled your dreams as sometimes you are far too driven into the dream. You don’t really remember that you r in a dream. For instance, the movie ‘Inception’ is a great example. Inception tells us that to dream within a dream is possible.

Dreams are amazing. You can also dream in a conscious state. I believe this state is known as day-dream, otherwise known as imagination.

This is an indeed interesting topic/thesis/publication to write/read/manifest on. As dreams can also tell u something if you believe it. Bad dreams are also commonly known as nightmares. I admit that at times, I woke up suddenly in a middle of a dream. I may feel upset, shock and disbelief about what just had happened.

It will be best that you can quickly jot down notes. Else but not if after awhile, a déjà vu can happen (if u know what I mean).

What does dreams tell u?
Why sometimes you can feel that you r in a dream?
Why sometimes you don’t remember having dreams?
Does remembering dream got to do with your self-will?
Why does dreams affect your emotional state of mind?
Last but not least, why erotic dreams?

After thoughts….. In dreams, u see faces that you know and for those you don’t, u will not see their actual faces. Strange but true. As they say, what you see/think/do relate to your dream. That’s why sometimes I dream about working. Spare me! Dream Master.

Does reality and dreams have a thin line of separation? R they inter-related?

Well, either I go do my homework on it or I can go back to dreaming. I wrote this post because I woke up from a dream. In my dream, I was with my mom at Taiwan. We were sight seeing and were resting at a lake. We were waiting for the fireworks to start. I woke up immediately when my mom kiss me.

It is very strange…but…true story.

Does my face says…

Of lately this blog has been filled with thoughts, especially personal thoughts. I’m very afraid of putting my personal thoughts here but what the heck! As long identities are concealed and no finger pointing.

Most times it just amuse me that others always thought that I’m too young. Otherwise they just wanna make conversation with me. I always tend to have the face whereby others will pour their secrets, woes n what not. I’m really exhausted. Earlier on, this guy came and talked to me asking am I a permanent employee. Well that depends…he added that I look like a student to him and am I doing this job ah-hoc. Come on already! I’m flustered with work. In any case, my current work environment is a place where most people don’t like to go home and don’t like to sleep. I thought I’m outta pre/post grad school? This sucks!

seoul good

Hello moncochon

i started moncochon as i always called J moncochon. he made me a happy girl yesterday. as i always wanted to watch the recently released Les Misérables and as you have expected or suspected. monsieur cochon will give me a lecture on the french history. luckily he didn’t. i kinda felt bad as i was munching away on popcorn during the movie and the lady in the back row were saying…”this movie is all about singing”.

after the movie, moncochon brought me for korean bbq. this korean bbq is a franchise and as much as i love both japanese and korean cuisine, moncochon is someone who prefer something else. i’m was happy to have had korean bbq with him. although he kept commenting the korean food at Toronto was so much better. Yup, we stayed in Toronoto for sometime, in fact, a small city approx 2 hrs away where their physics parameter is pretty famous 🙂 Over there we frequently visited the korean family restaurant and also the vietnamese family restaurant. They ended up being our personal friends too. There was once I wanted to try the authenic vietnames food which I flew to vietnam for it. Nevertheless that trip satisfied my craving but the food is not that fabulous.

Believe it or not, i drank their strong viet coffee everyday and it helps me sleep. i’m not sure if i had mentioned this. in this small city, there is a superb briyani restaurant near the university which i had the best briyani in my life. the restaurant is called ‘kismet’. they even had mongolia bbq which was pretty alright. i really treasured those moments we had when we lived there. during weekend, we will or rather i will drive the both of us to the wineyards in niagara falls and spent the whole weekend sipping icewine at the falls. whenever we feel like shopping, or rather i want to do shopping, we will cross the border to buffalo.

during festivals, we will fly to either chicago or montreal to catch up with his family. i missed the carefree days and nights we spent together. i will head out to the park near our apartment for about an hour’s jog and yoga at the nearby yoga community. The stress level is definitely not there! Sometimes we would just spent our time in the bustling city of Toronto.


hot coal for our bbq!


finally miss selfridge courier my pretty stuffs over.

about my 2014 trip back to Sapporo, i was thinking of switching it for Harbin. It is a place which I have thought about going. if i were to really go to Harbin, i did thought of popping over to Russia 🙂

i believe the universe is magnificent, your thoughts can actually be realized w/o you realizing it. so please keep the good thoughts coming…