the zoo and ghosts from the past

Great! It’s Easter and I’ve always remembered Easter to be in the month of April. I’m born in April, an Aries, and possess all attributes of an Aries.

J and I went to the zoo (again) and from the side of my eyes, I saw a gf who studied with me sometime ago! So I turned back and walked in her direction in order to verify that it is her. Indeed, it was her! She was working in China some years back and to our surprise, we met each other in the zoo. I told her, I was married 3 yrs ago and introduced J to her. So she was with her guy and I asked whether he is her husband? I don’t usually ask such question because it is none of my business and I don’t really care the guy is her husband or bf. Not that she is not a good friend of mine, but generally, i don’t bother with such details. Anyway, he is her fiancee and he is a Danish. I also mentioned J doesn’t look french anymore, he looks like me 🙂

Afterwards, we parted and J and I continued our animals trekking under the hot sun. We went to watch GI Joe and it was an awesome movie.

I have never expected to run into 2 friends and despite being some distance apart, we communicated over messaging.

Quoting from Curtis Stone “you never know whom you are going to meet, so dress up!”. This is pretty true because I remembered seeing ppl whom I know every now and then.

There was this time, on a raining evening in Taipei, XiMenDing, Ah-Zhong Mian Xian, I was standing and eating the noodles and my ex-classmate shouted for me. I was caught off by surprise, totally. I remembered he is a Taiwanese when we were in school but who would have thought we met again at the same place, same day and same time.

In life, you never know (i guess).

I really need to pull up my socks on my human skills at work because sometimes, conceptual and technical skills are just not enough.


what’s ur emergency?

Hello..911, what is your emergency?

J and I had fish head curry and popcorn over movies. We watched The Call and Side Effects.

From The Call, it makes u think twice about making decisions because it is always a life and death decision. One wrong decision may leads to death, seen in the case of The Call.

As I always say at work, nothing is life threatening so why worry? Today is a working day but I ended up drinking sake and eating sukiyaki with a new found friend. We maybe 12 yrs apart but we share similar thoughts. It is just like the r/s I’ve with him, my 2nd black bf. We may have been brought up differently, growing up in different culture, eating on different food but we share similar thoughts and get along well. Eventually we didn’t end up together even though he keeps trying his luck. I guessed at the point where we might have started was on a no strings attached kind of r/s and we just let it roll from there. After all, If I didn’t get married then, I’m pretty sure I won’t be married before I turn 30. I could have be a mom at the age of 21 going 22 but I choose not to. I have so many things I want to accomplish. Now that I’m married and earning money, I still couldn’t bring myself to settle down. I still have many things unaccomplished and many places I want to go.

Last Friday, I couldn’t woke up in time for work and I had to call in sick. I was sick but still continue to do my work. Finally, on last Friday, my body gave in. I have also been blowing my nose damn hard and it hurts my ears. The last time my ear drums got swollen was when I went diving. I couldn’t dive at all after that. It is my birthday next week and I’m bringing my mom to China to celebrate my birth at the Great Wall. I hope my ears can survive the long flight.

Recently, I wrote an essay on ethics and I think I have no ethics at all. What a joke!


Look! lingerie from D and tea leaves from N, the tea leaves are from the mountains of Sri Lanka!

the 3 of us finally met up after a longgg time. N got engaged and is ready to move to Paris, well at least for attending his future bro-in-law’s wedding. N talked out the possibility of moving to down south which i also happened to talk about how useless i felt when i assume i dont qualify to go to down south! D talked about how much she suffered and still suffering as an educator. I fussed about the unfriendliness of trying to be pregnant and being pregnant.

the 3 of us happened to be wearing our glasses and wearing flats, talking about growing old and the tiredness of constantly wearing heels. we wondered how did we managed to scale distances after distances, jump, dance and etc in out high heels few years back. we also talked about how much we wouldn’t dare to wear bikinis now whereby we wore bikinis everywhere we go, at least, on the beach, in the pool. we talked about how small our bikinis were and how we wouldn’t want to be caught in them now. blame it on work, making money and limited energy.

it is amazing what a few years can change you. i’m glad to have friends, girlfriends, like them 🙂

i like it white

I had a great time last night with my friends over dinner. We had fish n’ chips and couldn’t bear to break up after dinner coffee.
We laughed out loud and shared jokes. It was a great week for me because I’d managed to catch up with some of my best friends.

Sometimes, at work, I have this feeling why am I still working so hard? Do I live to work or work to live? Didn’t I wanted to enjoy myself or do I really need money to enjoy? Why didn’t I pursue the way to lingerie model or even victoria angel? when i was younger, i always love lingerie and like to wear all kinds of nice lingerie. I wasn’t born with the body but I had time, I spent about 4 hours at they gym everyday if I can. I was also practicing yoga almost everyday and I ate healthy. But I couldn’t afford to derail from the stereotype path too far. I needed the educational to prove my worth, well-paid job to evaluate my social status, luxuries to prove my wealth…and so on.

Less superficial I was born to be, the society pushes us to the extreme. You cannot afford to be too different, or rather, in certain societies and culture. On the coming week to be in China, I was told that I was needed. So in a frenzy, I had to check whether China ban certain sites or else I’m screw. I prepared myself to coop in the hotel room to do my job if I have to. The other time when I was in Japan, I had to bring over 2 lappie for work. This is torturous. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed myself and wouldn’t bother too much with work.

Work or no work, life still moves on. It is similar to what I always say, no matter who had passed away, life still moves on. You cannot pause life or rewind back to where you want.

Imagine, if i were to go on and do what I like, it is only a possibility that I would be happy. As long you have tried ur best, you will not have regrets.

anyway, i still adore lingerie, especially white color ones….



do i owe u?

things are, in fact, simple. but we always choose to complicate it.

i fell asleep after dinner last night whereby i should have finish writing my final l.a.w paper, at least for that topic.

i woke up this morning and thought how much time was wasted. didn’t i learn anything for the past 20 yrs? in any case, i got motivated when i saw my l.a.w paper results, it was a whopping A. Well, my l.a.w prof was rather disappointed because she expected a distinction. Yeah, i was that kind of girl who strives for the dists but it was in the past. For now, what i care most is how is it going to benefit me and how my actions going to help the rest.

grades and stats aside, the world is cruel. nobody bats an eyelid to you if u r of inferior quality.

i have slowly learned to respect myself, respect life, respect reality, respect community and respect future. i also know how different i am going to be from the rest.

time is of no essence

3 hours later and only 1200 words to part (a) of l.a.w paper with flying reference books and papers around me….i still need to write for part (b).

either i need to upgrade my brain memory or i sux in l.a.w

my l.a.w prof emailed me, informed me the results of another l.a.w paper is out. she told me to check it out…

one job, one child and many interests…can i have it all?