Pardon for my absence, I do want to blog, it’s just that I don’t spend time on my laptop when I’m home these days or rather I haven’t had much free time being at home.

Come end July/early Aug, I’ve more time to use write because I’ve to start writing papers n doing research.

As I’m watching Beauty and the Geek Australia version, I feel so disgusted because they portrayed the beauties as dumbass and exploited their female body parts for sexual gratification.

I’ve manifested my Korea and Jeju trip much earlier than I’ve thought. I’m going over in early Aug.

It has been a crazy n fun month!


Under The Tuscan Rain

Live simply, travel lightly, love passionately & don't forget to breathe

3.elena levon photography asciano tuscany italy - 4

After my life as an Italian, it was time for Tuscany…

However, what was supposed to be a marvelous time Under The Tuscan Sun, turned into an unforgettable time Under The Tuscan Rain.

Most of Italy was hit with rain for weeks. Even though its late Spring, Italy had Winter temperatures almost everywhere.

You see, I do bring rain everywhere…

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Girls night out

All four of us truly enjoyed ourselves in Indonesia! We also rocked the dance floor and we pestered the DJ to play us Latin music. We salsa until our dresses were soaked in sweat.

We were also crazy over Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, Robin Thicke and Nadal on this trip.

We also talked about many stuffs, from uncensored topics to serious stuffs.

S also asked us if we have the money, where will be the place we wanna go tomorrow.

I told her it will be space because money can be earned/won/sponsored, so there is no place we cannot go. Unless space because it just cost too much.

Anyway, S wanna go to Egypt, D wanna go to Manchu Picchu, N wanna go to Greece and as for me, I want to go China, do the Tibet Siberia stuffs.

I shall update more soon!