keep calm and start writing

this is what i ought to do but i’m really unmotivated.

my bedtime has been real early and i cannot tolerate sleeping late, anymore.

i shall be motivated and look forward spending winter with my mum in Japan.

i’ve planned us a trip to celebrate her birthday in cold Hokkaido before 2014 arrives….

updated: it is not as if i want to get certified as a CFA but why am i doing all these financial stuffs. the dreadful thoughts of time is wasted and things are not done yet are killing me. after which i have to do a presentation on it and the sooner i can finish writing, the sooner i can get my slides ready and record a vid presentation. can i get it all done within a sunday? i hope YES!


Say kimcheeze

It was really fun to climb up seoraksan national park especially at the top, the wind was so windy. At least I’ve managed to touch the Korean flag which is a sorta symbol of yin n yang.

Then after trekked all the way to the top of Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm and stumbled upon magnificent view.

Seeing so much vegetation on the way just make me feel happy.

I also discovered many new ways o eating Korea food such as…wrap Korean BBQ with kimchi instead of the usual lettuce, eating one yr old fermented kimchi and etc.








Smile…is Kimchi…

Wow the climb up to sunrise peak in jeju was great, sweaty but great. So I rewarded myself with jeju orange juice after the climb..YUM!

I’m here in jeju for 3 days and I’m heading back to seoul tomorrow.

Almost every Korean speak Chinese here, most probably the influx of Chinese tourists are so high. Well, I can speak Chinese too so it is great for me.

Alright…the wifi is only lmtd to the lobby and I’m tired after watching Nanta, a cooking comedy show.