Too lazy or too hardworking?


It is kind of interesting for not writing my thoughts in such a long time.

In any case, I’m still doing my law class and this retired lawyer always pull and adjust his creased pants in front of me. It does annoy me a little but as much as I kind of understand how a lawyer thinks, I will never take their words at face value.

On top of this, my sister’s bf is training to be a lawyer. I know I won’t out-talk them so I wouldn’t be bothered.

I recalled there was a panel of interviewers made up of four pretty senior guys and one female psychiatrist. She introduced herself and I knew that I couldn’t out-talk her if she had seen through me. Nonetheless, I got the job. They liked me.

Alright, back to reading and giving my best at work. To me, I just accept what I’m assigned and do my best. Life still goes on, no matter what.

Hmm, it does feel refreshing to go on a date with a younger man, not in a sexual way.