From Langkawi to Koh Lipe

I realised there are many articles on how to get to Koh Lipe and they are written in a very general style. Hence I am writing this article, focusing on the excitement & frustration of the journey from Telaga Terminal Jetty Langkawi to Bunga Resort Jetty Koh Lipe.
You can find out easily when is the open season for the direct ferry route – Langkawi to Koh Lipe and it will take you about 90mins for the ride.
If you arrive at Langkawi airport, it will take you about 15-20mins and 26ringgit taxi ride to Telaga Jetty.

I will recommend you to purchase the ferry tickets online because when the ferry season is open, there are plenty of tourists taking this route.

It is also advisable you arrive at least 60mins before your scheduled timing for check-in. The official recommended timing is 2 to 2.5hr before scheduled timing.

Once you have arrived at Telaga Jetty, you will fill up the Thailand Immigration Card and your passport will be detained by the staffs. 

Then you will walk to the Langkawi Immigration Office by foot, about 5mins away. You will wait for the staffs to call out your name then you will collect your passport from him/her. You will then wait in the queue to have your passport stamped by the Immigration to indicate that you are exiting Malaysia.  

You will then return back to the ferry, handover your ferry ticket and passport to the staffs. Your passport will be kept by the staffs until you arrive at Koh Lipe.

 On the ferry, they adopt a free seating style so first come first served for the seats.   

The ferry will docked near to the Koh Lipe Jetty and you will board a long tailed boat to arrive onto the beach, the Koh Lipe immigration is here on the beach. This beach is called Pattaya Beach, which is on Koh Lipe.


You will then get down from the long tailed boat and land on the shallow water of the beach. So please remove your shoes. 


You will be whisked towards the immigration office and you will validate your return ferry ticket with the staffs.

Now it is a waiting game. You wait for your luggages to arrive and the staffs will just place it on the beach.

You will also wait for your name to be called then you collect your passport and stand in queue to get landing rights onto Koh Lipe.
There is no system here and the staffs are not your friendly customer services. They really man-handle you so please don’t get offended. You are on holiday and don’t let these negativity ruin your vacation. 
You cannot collect the passport for your boyfriend, husband, Aunty or Uncle. Each person will collect their own passport once their name are being called. So please wait around patiently. 
Finally you are done and you can either walk/motorbike taxi to your resort.

Koh Lipe is beautiful and we have a great time on both the sunrise & sunset beach.

On your return trip, you are also advised to check-in 2-2.5hrs before scheduled time.
You will handover your passport to the staffs and wait patiently again for your name to be called. 

Then you proceed to clear immigration to get stamped exiting Thailand. You will not get back your passport because the staffs will detain your passport until you arrive back at Langkawi.
You will now proceed to board the long tailed boat in order to board the ferry.


Upon arriving at Langkawi, some passengers are complaining because they have a flight to catch in an hour time. 

However, the staffs want to unload the luggages before passengers can alight. I will suggest you to have ample time for transfers. The ferry will not always arrive on scheduled time. 

In addition, you still have to collect back your passport and clear immigration after you alight from the ferry.


After you have clear the immigration, you still have to hail a taxi to go to airport, which is about 15-20mins away.


Please remember your luggages because luggages might go missing. Please have an open mind else you will end up getting grumpy and frustrated by these issues.

Alternatively, you can always travel to Koh Lipe from other parts of Thailand. This will enable you to skip the Malaysia & Koh Lipe immigration. 

Have fun.