Apr 2017 – South Korea

Yes. I was in Seoul and now I am waiting to go Bali.

This Seoul trip was mainly on Cherry Blossoms.

Here are some photos taken at Jinhae Cherry Blossoms festival which was held from 1-10 April 2017.
First stop: Yeojwacheon river stream 

Second stop: Jinhae railway station

It was also the first week of opening of the new Seoul Sky tower located at Jamsil, Lotte world.

We also admired the beautiful Cherry Blossoms at Seokchon Lake nearby. The night views was very mesmerising.


Also, I have updated on the tax refund post (link) on Seoul. In short, the tax refund in Seoul have been somewhat simplified but still not as easy as Japan tax refund.


Mar 2017 – Macau Zhuhai Guangzhou

I wanted to blog this in March before I flew to South Korea.

This post will be mainly on how to utilize the free shuttle buses in Macau to get to Zhuhai. Then how to buy and take high speed rail from Zhuhai to Guangzhou centre.

I will update this post soon enough.