Browhaus Eyebrows Resurrection

Just a quick background, I have been doing waxing, tweezing, threading for some time because I may have started pretty young. So I was at my beauty parlor Browhaus for my regular eyebrow threading and while talking to my temporary beautician, she mentioned brows resurrection. Something which I know before and want to try but never. I mean what could go wrong when mother is doing it for the 3rd time. Anyway she is right now in HK with my brother. I did noticed her brows cause my temporary beautician is also my mom’s beautician told me she did her brows before going Japan with me. However I didn’t really find it strange or striking to me because my mom’s brows are so natural and nicely done.

When since my gf was caught up with work and couldn’t meet me for dinner, I try my luck and my temporary beautician was available and so I went ahead to get brows resurrection done. I was gungho to try something which I figured will turn out good on me, without researching for reviews and comparing prices. While my brows were under anesthesia, I googled a bit on brows resurrection. I will say browhaus prices are on the higher end but can you use money of any kind to measure beauty?

In any case, the results is good n my brows are no longer slightly misaligned. My eye brows tail are also longer.

If u want pictures, just google

browhaus eyebrow resurrection

and many pretty ladies have alrdy blogged on this. There are also forums on it too.

Imagine your eyebrows shaped like the asahi beer I saw at Asakusa, I guess only on Halloween then u will look queer!