Sleeping with the Sun & Moon at the Lake

Yes, we just celebrated my twins brother & sister 21st birthday at Taiwan Sun Moon Lake.

It is a beautiful place less the not so bustling night life.

Our suite is facing the lake and this is by far, the best view ever.



Hello Sydney

This morning I woke up to a calling, a calling from the koala bears.
I knew Australia is calling, how did i missed out on her?
The previous visit was more than 10 yrs and despite countless friends and families visited me from Aust, I never care about her.

In a month’s time, it is my birthday and last birthday, i climbed the great wall of china with my mom.
So mom, let’s celebrate your birth-day by climbing the sydney harbor bridge, ok?
The Bridge Climb v2[1]

Fight for pink

I know I should be busy studying.

The TV is tune to euro sports cycling – giro italia.

I watch cctv documentary in the afternoon and sleep before waking up for Mother Day dinner.

I learn about wild honey in China and Hongkong education system. To quote, fresh fish trader primary school in shamsuipo.

These r pretty good stuffs for me to write about in my upcoming ethics exam.

I remembered I was ‘criticized’ for my academic results at an interview. I told them it was because of education standard inflation. What I have now will means I’m pretty good 20yrs ago but definitely not now, not in this century.

In this century, a higher education does not equate to a high paying job. Besides being great in grades does not mean u r street/work smart. It only means u r able to ‘memorize’ and ‘write’.