Welcome Hongkong

Oh yes, I always enjoy Hongkong minus the cramp spaces, huge crowd, bad service and etc. I’m more than willing to accept everything.

I maybe easily get affected as my temper is pretty bad after coming back from Hongkong whereby self-interest is too priority. My Spanish boss also commented that I’m gettin cynical. I have also no qualms before when I talk about stuffs.

This is not the real me but I have been saying how much I like the straightforwardness I encountered in HK, in a bad way.

Well even my mother has warned me since i was young and luckily she is nothing like that (despite being born in HK).

Now imaging having a mother in law as a typically HK lady? I thank my lucky stars.

All the above comments belong to me and I’m not discriminating against HK, neither her people.

In any case, this blog most probably sums it all – http://ihatehongkong2.wordpress.com/


Cotai Strip

…and I just got back into my room at Venetian.

Everything at Macao is great!


The lunch at Cheung Chau was fantastic too!

I have managed to finish writing 3500 words and I have another 2000 words deadline to meet by Tuesday.

In any case, I will head down to the casino after a shower…..